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Week 1 of the fast: Our movement grows stronger

It’s been an incredible four days at the Fast for Families tent on the National Mall in DC. Just steps from the U.S. Capitol, faith, labor and immigrant rights leaders have been fasting around the clock to urge Congress to pass immigration reform. They have inspired Members of Congress, Cabinet officials, and activists from around the country to visit them and join the effort.

The fasters have been encouraged by conversations with Senator Chuck Schumer, Rep. Judy Chu, Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Rep. Jan Schakowsky and Rep. Joe Kennedy III who came to the tent to offer their support. Secretary of Agriculture and former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack also visited the tent to thank the fasters for their sacrifice.


We were particularly excited to be visited on Friday afternoon by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who came to hear the stories of the fasters and why they are willing to risk their health for this cause. She reiterated that a majority of House members support immigration reform, and that if a vote were held today it would pass.

We’ve also been deeply grateful to receive hundreds of other supporters who have come by to offer their support for the fast and immigration reform.

What have been most moving though are the nightly meetings and prayer vigils. Each night, the community gathers to hear updates on the fasters and pray for their continued strength and for an end to this moral crisis. Rev. William Barber II of the North Carolina NAACP and the Moral Monday movement came to deliver a moving sermon, as did Rev. Derrick Harkins and Rev. Jennifer Butler. Each night we also hear from some of the many activists who have traveled from all over the country to be with us in this effort.

As the fasters finish their 4th day without food, our movement is growing stronger. In the coming days, we will continue to make sure Congress hears our message loud and clear: pass commonsense immigration reform now.

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