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Fast for Families Across America: A Call for Immigration Reform and Citizenship

The Fast for Families campaign ended their fast on the National Mall on December 12, 2013 with a commissioning to the country to continue to Act. Fast. & Pray until immigration reform is achieved. In order to continue to educate the public and focus America and Congress’ attention on the moral crisis and suffering caused by our broken immigration system-people dying daily in their attempts to migrate for better opportunities, thousands of children separated daily from their families due to our broken immigration system, and an immigration policy that today does not comport with American values, the Fast for Families campaign will be traveling to Congressional Districts across the country to continue the conversation with Members of Congress.

Goals of the Fast for Families Across America:

  • To build on the momentum sparked by the Fast for Families;
  • To educate the public in order to increase the level of urgency to act to end the moral crisis created by our broken immigration system;
  • To be visible in the districts of key MOC’s so they see that immigration reform is about real people;
  • To call to action in our communities – we act, we fast, we pray;
  • To go deeper and engage more communities than have previously been engaged.

The Fast for Families campaign is a collaboration between diverse partners from the faith, immigrant, labor, and civil rights communities and individuals committed to fixing our broken immigration system.